A peek at the latest from New York City’s housing crisis

The Latest on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to end the city’s housing shortage article New York has been hit hard by the state of the housing market.

And now, the city has been left to deal with its own supply crunch.

The mayor has announced a slew of initiatives to help alleviate the shortage.

The mayor has ordered city agencies to spend at least $6 billion on affordable housing.

He wants to spend another $4 billion on job training and housing assistance.

And he’s asked the federal government to spend $20 billion on rental assistance for first-time homebuyers.

But those efforts haven’t gone far enough, and the mayor has also announced new measures to address the crisis.

The Bloomberg administration has already pledged to build more affordable housing, and Bloomberg has been vocal about the need for new policies.

“This city has had a lot of good work done,” he said during a speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in April.

“And we’ve got to do a lot more.

But we can’t do it on our own.

We need to work together with the federal and state governments.”

It’s unclear what exactly will go into the city budget next year.

Bloomberg told The Associated Press last week that he’s still working out the details.

But a spokesman said in an email that the mayor is focused on “furthering affordable housing investments.”

The city has seen a rise in the number of people living in public housing in recent years.

There were 2,738 units of housing for homeless people in May, up from 1,819 in April, according to the latest data from the New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

But many of the units are vacant.

The department says that’s partly because they’re empty because they have no owners or tenants.

In the meantime, some residents have had to find new housing, with some having to spend months or years searching.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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