A new fridge made from the frozen flesh of a corpse

A refrigeration company has launched a product from a corpse that will keep it fresh for up to two weeks in the freezer of a home.

Frigidaires Warehouse Furniture in Melbourne is making a frozen body fridge with an open-air container in the shape of a skeleton and a metal skeleton frame.

Owner James Macfarlane said it had been inspired by the frozen corpses of the dead.

“We’ve been doing this for five or six years and we’ve had people come in and they’ve told us it looks really good,” Mr Macfendale said.

“It’s just an awesome piece of furniture.”

Mr Macfauds fridge will be available to buy in stores in October.

“They have an amazing range of frozen bodies out there and we wanted to go into the frozen corpse business,” he said.

The body fridge will have a freezer and a fridge door with an opening.

Mr MacFarlane said his company had been trying to develop a freezer for people for a while, but it was not commercially viable.

“I have seen some really great freezer products on the market but they’re not quite as good as our product,” he explained.

“So we wanted something that we could get our hands on and we thought the best way to do that was to make it in the open air.”

Mr McFarlane told News Corp he wanted to make the product in the state of Victoria.

“If you’ve got a body you’ve already stored for a long time in the ground, it’s not going to last forever,” he laughed.

“When you take it out of the freezer it’s just going to deteriorate.”

That’s the reason why we want to make something in the atmosphere.

“Mr McMillan said the fridge would be made in Victoria and have a shelf life of up to a year.

He said he wanted the product to become a part of everyday life in the community.”

Our aim is to create a fridge that can go anywhere in the world, and in the event that there is a disaster or the world’s going to go through a major pandemic, that’s where we can put it and get a lot of people back into the normalcy of life,” he added.

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