Bleacher report: The Best 10 Video Games That Showed Off Their Artistic Influences

Posted November 29, 2018 06:15:56When it comes to video games, a game’s artistry has long been a cornerstone of its appeal.

That’s because the games themselves are the things that make us fall in love with them.

But the same can’t be said of the visuals that accompany them.

If you’ve ever sat down and watched a video game, you know that the game world can be intimidating and overwhelming at times.

You might not even understand what’s going on, let alone know what’s happening.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad; in fact, there’s so much good that’s hidden within the games that we can enjoy them all the time.

We can’t stop watching, however, and that’s why we’ve assembled a list of the best games that made us fall for them, in order of importance.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful video games to watch.