What to do when you find yourself stuck in traffic in Beaverton?

If you’re looking for something new to do, look no further.

The city is offering free bike-sharing from Monday to Thursday through its “Bike for the Streets” program, which is in its 12th year.

“This program is designed to help the public and businesses that are already working together to get the most out of their bike-share programs,” said City of Beaverton spokeswoman Amy Hoch.

“The program provides a safe and convenient way for people to take advantage of our city’s bike-friendly environment.”

There are three options: “Biking with Friends,” “Cycle with Friends” and “Bikes for the Stony Brook,” which offer a range of bikes and accessories, according to the Beaverton Bike and Walking Association.

All are $5 a month.

“Bikers in Beaverts’ Streets” are offered in the evenings.

“There is no fee to use the service,” the city says.

“We do encourage bike-lanes to be active and active members of the community,” said Stephanie Smith, who runs the bike-policing program.

“If you want to help us get Beaverton’s streets more active, please join the Beavertons Streets program.”

“It’s great to see that we’re starting to find ways to make the streets more bike friendly,” said Jennifer Reeder, a local bike-lovers.

“It really helps people feel safer on the streets, which we’ve all been trying to do with these new bike lanes, and that’s a big step toward more safe streets.”

She added, “The city has always been very supportive of bicycling and people are encouraged to join the program.”

There’s no need to register, but you can get a bike with a $25 deposit for up to two people.

The program is open from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday to Friday, with the exception of Fridays.

If you want a more personal ride, you can join Beaverton Public Transit’s “Bicycling Together” program for $5 for two people, or $10 for two or more.

For more information on the program, go to the city’s website or call 503-932-4428.

Follow Jennifer Reedy on Twitter at @jenniferreedy.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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