When Westfield Galleria in Melbourne’s west gets an upgrade

Posted by ABC News Breakfast on Sunday, February 10, 2018 12:04:00A Westfield Westfield Centre mall in Melbourne, which was closed in November 2018 due to the coronavirus, has reopened with a new concept called “Hentai World” where customers can enjoy live-action animations of Japanese pop culture and anime.

The mall was closed because of the coronave epidemic, which has seen more than 60,000 cases in Australia, and it reopened on Friday, February 11.

It is the first Westfield centre in Australia to have its main shopping centre reopen, and the first in Australia that has the option of a “Hentedai World”.

“It is a new experience for us,” Westfield’s head of retail operations, Matt White, said.

Mr White said the idea of the live-acta experience came about in collaboration with a Japanese pop-culture and anime company.”

We’re really excited about it and really excited to get it out there.”

Mr White said the idea of the live-acta experience came about in collaboration with a Japanese pop-culture and anime company.

The Japanese company, Studio Ghibli, has been promoting the anime series The Tale of Princess Kaguya as well as a variety of other animated features.

“The animation is not only the same as the Japanese film, but it’s also very authentic,” Mr White said.

The project has been a long time coming for Mr White, who had been trying to make a new Westfield mall since 2015.

He said he had previously tried to open a shopping centre in the same building, but was unable to get the approvals.

“I had no idea it would become this big thing,” Mr Trump said.

Mr White says it will be a new way of bringing together entertainment, education and retail.

“We have been working with the Japanese pop and anime community for a while, but we never really realised how big of a project it would be until we had this new experience.”

It’s an opportunity to bring all of these different groups together, including kids, to enjoy an anime experience.

“The project is being led by Japanese designer Toshio Sato, who also created the design of the new Westfields Westfield Park mall in the US.

He hopes the new experience will bring Japanese pop cultural culture to Australia, which Mr White says is a big market for Japanese pop.”

There is a lot of Japanese culture in Australia.

There’s also a lot that’s not Japanese,” Mr Stu said.

Mr White and Mr Stul said they hope the project will inspire people to start a pop culture group at Westfield.


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