A look at Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas, and how it’s changing over the years

The Westin Houston Mall was originally built in 1946 as a gift shop for Westin Entertainment.

After the company moved to the mall in the early 1990s, it quickly became one of the most iconic malls in the country, with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

In 2015, it officially closed its doors. 

The mall had become a destination for the masses, and its iconic Westin facade has made it one of Houston’s most iconic places.

The mall was built around the design of its namesake, a simple two-story structure with a circular mall with a glass front and a large, yellow sign outside.

The Westin mall became a destination in the 1990s for its signature Westin entertainment, a large food court with food vendors, a full bar, and outdoor seating.

The restaurant menu is among the best in the nation, and guests have taken to eating at Westins signature food court, known as the Big Dog. 

After the mall’s opening, the mall became the site of a controversial fire in 1999 that caused $40 million in damages to the Westin buildings.

Westin later announced that it would take a new, much smaller building in the mall for the next five years, but eventually the mall closed for good in 2001.

Today, Westin is home to a diverse array of shops, restaurants, and boutiques, and is a popular destination for weddings and corporate events. 

In 2018, Westins Galleria opened its doors as the Westins Houston Center, a new luxury hotel and convention center.

Westin Galleries Westin Westin, the company that designed the mall, has been a major draw for tourists to Houston and is the second-largest tourist attraction in the state.

According to the Harris County Health Department, the Westlin mall has seen more than 4 million visitors, with more than 60% of them from outside the Houston area.

The Westins Westin Center offers a total of 10 hotels, suites, and other amenities.

The hotel is a $3.2 billion development, with a projected $2.8 billion in total economic impact.

The project will include more than 3,100 luxury residences, retail, and offices. 

Westins Westins is a family-owned company with a history of innovation, and the company is a member of the Houston Economic Development Authority (HEDAA). 

The Westlin Galleria Houston Mall is located at 8100 Westheimer Road, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77025, with access to Westins parking garage, Westinghomes main floor retail and Westins main floor parking garage.

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