Playboy: The Rise of a New Era

Playboy, Playboy and other sexual-liberation magazines in the 1970s and 1980s helped shape the sexual and gender politics of the era.

The magazine’s editorial staffs, which were often male and male-dominated, played key roles in shaping the culture and the political views of their readers, according to researchers.

The women in the staffs were known as “The Playboy Sisters,” and they were seen as the “face of sexuality” and “the sexual revolution” of the time, according the documentary, “Playboy: A New Era,” which premiered Friday at the San Diego Museum of Art.

The play featured interviews with three of the Playboy Sisters, one of whom, Marjorie Johnson, wrote for Playboy’s first issue in 1972.

Johnson said the magazine’s focus on women was a result of the sexual revolution, which saw the movement for equality.

“We were doing things with women that weren’t really allowed by society, and women didn’t really get to have the same rights that men did,” she said.

“The only thing that was really available to women was the fact that they had breasts, and that was what people were paying for.

And it was the sexual liberation movement that made all that possible.”

Playgirl Magazine was launched in December 1972 and featured a cover featuring a nude model posing with a man.

In the first issue, which was sold for $10, the magazine featured a story about the birth of a baby girl.

A month later, Playboy featured a photograph of a naked woman in a bathtub, and its cover featured a picture of the magazine in its original cover.

Playboy’s original editorial staff included two women: Marjory Johnson, a Playboy magazine editor and playmate of the famed photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Playboy’s former editor-in-chief, Gloria Steinem.

They were both members of the “Playboys’ Circle,” which included a number of other prominent women in magazines like Hustler, Vogue, Glamour, Penthouse, and more.

They also were seen in the nude, according a profile of the editors by The New Yorker.

The film focuses on the women and their influence in the magazine, including Marjories birth and career.

Playgirl, Playboy’s sister publication, published in 1972 and continued publishing until 1980, according its website.

The publication of Playgirl’s first editorial was the last time a male editorial staff member would have been published in the company, which lasted until 1978.

Playboy had its own line of Playboy-branded underwear, called the Playmate, and in 1973, the company introduced the Playgirl Plus line, which featured a bra and thigh-high socks.

The company eventually discontinued the Playmates and started selling the Playgirls line of underwear.

The Playgirls came in various sizes, including XL, and the company made a decision to stop marketing Playgirl underwear after the publication of the documentary.

“We were very proud of the way that the Play Girl line came out, because it represented everything that was important about what we stood for,” said Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who died in 2005.

The documentary includes interviews with Playboy’s co-founder, publisher, and president, Hugh Heeres, and others.

He said the women’s work, including the Play Sisters, helped shape how the company was perceived in the media.

“You know, we didn’t do it to be provocative,” Heeens said.

The movie also features a clip from the 1977 documentary “Playgirl: A Sex Pistols Story,” which shows Playboy founder Jack Dorsey’s character talking about the Playboy mansion.

Dorsey is seen saying that he was a “playboy for life” because he didn’t “have any trouble being able to have sex with the most beautiful women in this world.”

Playboy and Playboy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The full documentary is available online.

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