How to spot a store that doesn’t have the ‘Star Trek’ logo

Glendale Galleria stores are not the only ones that are missing the “Star Trek” logo from their store logos.

A popular food truck in Glendale has also gone missing, and now some customers are calling for help finding it.

It’s not clear how long the missing truck has been in business, but one customer told ABC7 News the owner of the truck had been using the “Sailor Moon” logo to sign his truck up for a new location.

The Glendale store is located at 916 E. Main St. in the Glendale Hills area of Los Angeles, California.

It is also owned by the same owner as the Glendora Galleria store.ABC7 News asked if the truck owner had changed the truck logo to the Star Trek logo since his last visit, and he did not answer.

The owner, whose name is unknown, has been selling food trucks to Glendale residents since 2015.

He has only been open for a few weeks, but customers have reported seeing the missing trucks in his store.

“It was a little disappointing that he didn’t take the time to put the logo back on the truck, but we’ll have to get the owner to come in,” one customer said.

“There’s a lot of fans out there that were really excited about the show, but I would have liked for him to have taken the time and thought about it,” another customer added.

The truck owner’s family told ABC 7 News they are in the process of contacting law enforcement about the missing vehicle.

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