How Google and Twitter are taking on the giants of the tech industry

Google, Twitter, and Facebook have spent years building the social network, but they’ve never faced up to the massive scale of the data they collect.

They’ve been a giant data producer, and they’ve also been a huge marketer, and it’s only a matter of time before they become a huge data company, too.

That’s the story of what Google and Facebook are doing with their data.

Google has been building its own data-mining engine for years, but it’s become the main source of information about what people do, where they live, and how they interact.

Facebook has been gathering data on what people share online, but has never built its own search engine or a way to analyze it.

The problem is, they don’t really have anything in common.

The difference in the tech companies’ approach is that Google and Zuckerberg have built something different from each other.

The idea of Google is to gather information from a lot of different sources, and then put it into a big big database.

The company uses artificial intelligence to find the data that is relevant to what people want to know, and that is then aggregated and used to make things like ads.

The system is designed to create a rich database of data, and make it easy for anyone to access.

Google has been a big player in the social networking world since the company bought the company that was then known as Yahoo.

It has more than a billion users around the world.

It now has hundreds of millions of users across the world, and Google is the largest social network.

Google and Facebook were founded in 1996, and their goal is to be the world’s most valuable company by 2020.

It aims to be like Apple or Amazon, in that it collects data from a huge variety of sources and then creates a rich data-heavy platform for all kinds of people to access it.

Google is doing this by building a system that collects data, collects it all, and builds it into an artificial intelligence engine.

It’s been a long, hard road for Google.

Google went public in 1995 and has since grown into a company that owns a staggering $3.5 trillion in assets.

It’s worth $1.2 trillion today.

It also has a market capitalization of $6.7 trillion.

The search engine is valued at over $1 trillion.

It all began with the idea of building a search engine that would make things easier for everyone.

That was Google’s mission in the early 1990s.

By the early 2000s, it was starting to get traction, but the company’s growth wasn’t sustainable.

By 2005, Google was trading at $10 billion.

By 2006, it had $70 billion in annual revenue.

By 2007, Google had a revenue of $150 billion.

That’s a big number, but that’s a number that Google believes will grow by a factor of five every two years for the next two decades.

That was a great time to be a Google executive.

You were a big guy in a very profitable company.

You had an amazing vision, and the company was very profitable.

In the next few years, Google began to lose money, but this time the company didn’t just lose money.

It lost a lot.

The stock was losing money.

Google had been a success.

The growth was there, but at a very high rate.

It wasn’t just Google that was losing a lot money.

The technology giant Facebook was also losing money at the same time, and when it finally recovered from that recession, its stock crashed to a price that was $18 a share.

It had been at $14.30 for a few years.

That year, Google decided to focus on the social networks.

Google started with Facebook and then built a social network that was so valuable that it was worth more than all of the money that Facebook had spent building that platform.

Google said, “We’re going to build this social network first, and we’re going in for a very hard sell.”

In 2005, it went public at $38 a share, and in 2010, it became a billion-dollar company.

Facebook has a long and proud history in the search industry.

It began as a social networking site, but after Google bought it in 1995, it turned into a huge company that is still around today.

The social network has grown into one of the largest companies in the world by virtue of being so valuable.

That gives Google and other companies a great deal of leverage.

They can leverage the fact that Facebook is valued so highly to drive the search advertising business.

Facebook’s success has not been without controversy.

The controversy has stemmed from the way it collects and uses users’ data.

The Facebook ads it sells are based on data that Facebook users are willing to pay to see, and so Facebook users pay for ads in return for their privacy.

But that data has become part of the business model for advertising companies, and many people say that’s not right.

Facebook users also don’t want to

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