What you need to know about the American furniture industry

An estimated one-third of all American furniture sales go to companies with fewer than 10 employees.

But there are many companies with tens of thousands of employees and dozens of factories across the country that make furniture in the United States.

Many of these companies are located in the Northeast, Midwest, and West, and there are several large metropolitan areas in the region that are home to large American furniture companies.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most influential American furniture manufacturers, based on their size and size-adjusted gross margin (GMD) — which is a percentage of gross sales, divided by total sales — to find out which companies have the biggest footprints.

The company is also the owner of the intellectual property rights to a number of the products and designs, as well as to the name, logo, and other trademarks that accompany their products.

While many of these large furniture companies are run by local owners or by smaller companies with local employees, many of the larger companies have outsourced production to facilities in countries around the world.

For instance, in addition to making furniture, American furniture manufacturing companies can also manufacture other products like carpeting, carpets, and furniture.

There are a number companies that are known for being high-end luxury brands, like the French company MOMO, which is known for its designer furniture.

Another notable brand, Hausfeld, is known as a designer furniture company, and its brand of furniture has been featured on the cover of the magazine Elle, which features a selection of pieces.

However, other companies that make up a majority of the furniture market, like H&M, are also notable for making high-quality luxury brands that are well known for their high-class furniture.

The list below looks at the top 10 American furniture firms, based not only on their G&P sales but also on their gross margins.

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