How to fix your Samsung Gallery and Android Gallery problems

Samsung has been working on a new Gallery app for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that can display photos and videos from the Galaxy’s home screen.

The new Gallery is supposed to be similar to the existing Gallery app, which is used for viewing videos and photos on the S8+.

But unlike the Gallery app on the Galaxy Note 8, which shows only photos and video, the new Gallery for the S 8+ will display all photos and photos from both the gallery and Android gallery.

This will allow you to use the same photos in both apps.

It will also allow you access to the Samsung Music app and other apps from the gallery, which means that you won’t have to open both the Galaxy Gallery and the Android Gallery simultaneously to view photos.

This is a big deal, because Samsung is releasing a new app for both the S9 and S9+ this fall.

Here’s how to get it.

Samsung has also released an Android app for viewing the Galaxy Camera, so you can also use the Galaxy camera app to view the photos and other content in the Gallery.

You can also install an external camera, like the Samsung One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which will allow the app to display your camera’s photo and video.

Samsung also added a new feature to the Galaxy app called “Search for Photos,” which lets you search through your photos, videos, and photos you’ve uploaded to the gallery.

You’ll be able to find photos you took in different locations like inside a coffee shop, at the beach, or in a park.

This new feature is available in the Android app and the Samsung Photos app.

Samsung says that it will make the new Galaxy Gallery available in early September for free, and it’s also releasing the new Samsung Music Store app later this fall, which can help you manage your photos and more.

If you’re interested in how to download and install the new gallery, head to the link above.

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