When Is Your Summer Tour? ‘Skiing in Texas’ – Themed Hotel Preview

HUSTON, Texas — You don’t have to be in Texas to get a preview of the theme park that’s opening its doors in Houston in 2018.

The Houston Galleria Hotel & Casino is scheduled to open June 23 in a new plaza near the park, just across the street from the Texas Capitol.

The theme park, the world’s largest, is a collaboration between Universal Orlando Resort and H&M, which are based in Houston.

The theme park’s theme park hotel will be called the Houston Galleries.

At the theme parks, you can see everything from the Houston skyline to the city’s iconic skyline to a new, 360-degree interactive attraction called The Sirens of Austin.

The new theme park will be a joint venture between the Houston City Council, the Greater Houston Partnership and the Greater Texas Tourism Authority, which manages the park.

The Houston Galliers will own the park while the city and state are partnering with H&M and the Texas Association of Realtors to help fund construction.

H&amp:M is a Houston-based clothing and accessories retailer.

It has locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and New Orleans.

“Houston has an amazing theme park scene that spans generations and is growing,” said H&am founder and CEO Kevin Gollings.

“This new park will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of experiencing the sights and sounds of the Houston area in a completely unique setting.”

The hotel will open with live entertainment from local bands and bands from across the country, and will include a restaurant.

Guests can expect to see a wide range of food and beverage offerings from around the globe, including dishes like tacos, quesadillas, burgers, salads, wraps and desserts.

It will also have a full bar, a full kitchen and a full fitness center.

The hotel will have a new interactive experience called The Texas Sirens.

Guests can also expect to find entertainment from the new musical comedy series, The Houston Band, a collaboration of The Dallas Morning News and WFAA-TV.

The company will operate the park and the hotel at a total of 15,000 square feet, including a dining area, lounges and fitness center, plus a fully licensed pool area.

The park is expected to open to guests in 2018, though a number of attractions may be added later.

It will also include a spa, an amphitheater and other outdoor spaces.

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