Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Active: The best phones you can buy

We’ve all heard the story about the S6 and S7 coming to the UK, with the S7 and S8 being rumoured to come.

There’s no confirmation yet, but Samsung did announce the S8 at the Galaxy Event in Barcelona, and it looks like the S5 will follow shortly after.

The S6 will also make its UK debut, with an expected release date of August 2018.

Here are the best phones we can buy right now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Alpha 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Samsung Galaxy X8 Samsung Galaxy Mega 4G Samsung Galaxy A9 Samsung Galaxy J3 Samsung Galaxy K10 Samsung Galaxy Q5 Samsung Galaxy C8 Samsung Samsung Galaxy E9 Samsung M9 Samsung Note 5Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Nexus 6P Samsung Galaxy M8 Samsung M7 Samsung M10 Samsung X5 Samsung S6 Samsung Galaxy T8 Samsung S7 Samsung Nexus 9 Samsung Galaxy Pro 8 Samsung Galaxy Zen Samsung Galaxy Z1Samsung Galaxy Tab 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Elite 9 Samsung M5 Samsung A9X Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy Premier Samsung Galaxy Solo Samsung Galaxy Series 9 Samsung S8 Samsung X3 Samsung Note 9 Samsung Series 7 Samsung S9 Samsung S10 Samsung S11 Samsung S12 Samsung Galaxy R7 Samsung S2 Samsung Galaxy Mini Samsung Galaxy G6 Samsung G5 Samsung G4 Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Samsung Galaxy Ultra Samsung Galaxy 4Samsung Galaxy Grand Mini Samsung S5-inch S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy Edge 8 Samsung Note 4 Samsung Galaxy Ace 8 Samsung S4 Samsung G3 Samsung S3 Samsung A7 Samsung A8 Samsung A6 Samsung A5 Samsung Note 6 Samsung S1 Samsung S-D2 Samsung S II Samsung SIII Samsung SIV Samsung SIX Samsung SX Samsung SZ5 Samsung X7 Samsung X8 Note 7 Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S4 Active Samsung Galaxy SE 8 Samsung M8 Plus Samsung Galaxy P8 PlusSamsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung K10 PlusSamsung S7 PlusSamsung Note Pro 8X Samsung A4 Samsung Note 8XSamsung S6 PlusSamsung G6 PlusSony Xperia XA PlusSamsung V30 Samsung S950Samsung S950Droid 5.0 Samsung Galaxy D7 Samsung K5 Samsung Z3 Samsung M3 Samsung X6 Samsung X9 Samsung K4Samsung S5Samsung S4 Galaxy S2Samsung S2 ProSamsung S3 Galaxy S Samsung S Samsung Galaxy 2 Samsung G2Samsung Galaxy Alpha 2Samsung Galaxy A7S5 Galaxy Note 4Samsung S1Samsung S10 Galaxy S9Samsung S9 PlusSamsung Z2Samsung Note S1S9 Samsung X4 Samsung X2Samsung V3 Samsung V2Samsung G1Samsung X1Samsung M5Samsung G5 PlusSamsung M10Samsung M9Samsung M2Samsung M3Samsung M6Samsung Galaxy M9 Plus Samsung M2 PlusSamsung X2 Plus Samsung S PlusSamsung Samsung Galaxy Max Samsung Galaxy PrimeSamsung Galaxy AcePlus Samsung Galaxy 5 PlusSamsung Edge PlusSamsung UltraPlusSamsung Galaxy Pro PlusSamsung Epic PlusSamsung Mega PlusSamsung Classic PlusSamsung Pro PlusPlusSamsung Mega UltraPlusBlackBerry PrivSamsung Galaxy Mini PrivSamsung S Series 5PlusBlackberry 10BlackBerry 10 PlusBlackBerry 12BlackBerry 14BlackBerry 15BlackBerry 17BlackBerry 18BlackBerry 20BlackBerry 21BlackBerry 22BlackBerry 25BlackBerry 27BlackBerry 29BlackBerry 30BlackBerry 31BlackBerry 32BlackBerry 33BlackBerry 34BlackBerry 35BlackBerry 36BlackBerry 37BlackBerry 38BlackBerry 39BlackBerry 40BlackBerry 41BlackBerry 42BlackBerry 43BlackBerry 44BlackBerry 45BlackBerry 46BlackBerry 47BlackBerry 48BlackBerry 49BlackBerry 50BlackBerry 51BlackBerry 52BlackBerry 53BlackBerry 54BlackBerry 55BlackBerry 56BlackBerry 57BlackBerry 58BlackBerry 59BlackBerry 60BlackBerry 61BlackBerry 62BlackBerry 63BlackBerry 64BlackBerry 65BlackBerry 66BlackBerry 67BlackBerry 68BlackBerry 69BlackBerry 70BlackBerry 71BlackBerry 72BlackBerry 73BlackBerry 74BlackBerry 75BlackBerry 76BlackBerry 77BlackBerry 78BlackBerry 79BlackBerry 80BlackBerry 81BlackBerry 82BlackBerry 83BlackBerry 84BlackBerry 85BlackBerry 86BlackBerry 87BlackBerry 88BlackBerry 89BlackBerry 90BlackBerry 91BlackBerry 92BlackBerry 93BlackBerry 94BlackBerry 95BlackBerry 96BlackBerry 97BlackBerry 98BlackBerry 99BlackBerry 100BlackBerry 101BlackBerry 102BlackBerry 103BlackBerry 104BlackBerry 105BlackBerry 106BlackBerry 107BlackBerry 108BlackBerry 109BlackBerry 110BlackBerry 111BlackBerry 112BlackBerry 113BlackBerry 114BlackBerry 115BlackBerry 116BlackBerry 117BlackBerry 118BlackBerry 119BlackBerry 120BlackBerry 121BlackBerry 122BlackBerry 123BlackBerry 124BlackBerry 125BlackBerry 126BlackBerry 127BlackBerry 128BlackBerry 129BlackBerry 130BlackBerry 131BlackBerry 132BlackBerry 133BlackBerry 134BlackBerry

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