Why is ‘Tiger Woods’ not on the PGA Tour’s 2020 World Tour rankings?

I have a confession to make: Tiger Woods doesn’t make the cut on the list of the World Tour’s top 10 players.

As of Wednesday morning, Woods is ranked in the top 10 of Golf Digest’s annual rankings, and the list is published every week.

The PGA tour, of course, has no compunction about ranking its top players in their respective divisions.

“The players on the WorldTour are the ones who are going to be playing in Europe, the ones with the most tournament success, and that’s Tiger Woods,” said World Tour executive director Matt Thompson.

“So we can’t look at that as a ranking of a golfer.

It’s about the players in the tour who have had the most success.”

As for Woods, he’s been on the cover of Golf.com, on the top-selling golf-related websites in the U.S. and Canada, and is the top golfer in the world.

While the World Golf Association (WGA) will be voting to decide Woods’ status as its 2020 World Player of the Year, Thompson says the decision isn’t his to make.

The PGA has the power to put him on the 2020 World Rankings, and it does have the right to do so, he said.

“The PGEA doesn’t have the power.

Tiger is in the midst of a three-year run of putting dominance. “

Thompson acknowledged that the World Tourney has traditionally been the PGEAs most popular event, but he also noted that there’s always a “small element of interest” in those rankings.

Tiger is in the midst of a three-year run of putting dominance.

He has more than 1,300 putts at the PPG Par 3, and has been the top player in the field since the 2016 season.

In terms of the PGT rankings, Woods and fellow PGA star Rory McIlroy are the only players in this year’s field.

Woods has won three PGA titles, and he is the only player to win two Masters, and two Ryder Cups.

PPG ranked Woods and McIlrow second, behind only Tiger Woods and Henrik Stenson.

For the World Tournament, the PGES top players are not ranked.

That distinction belongs to Tiger Woods.

The only player with a higher rank is Sergio Garcia, who finished third in the PGR in 2018.

Garcia has the second-highest ranking in the World.

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