‘A very happy woman’: Photographer captures the beauty of the Australian bush

Posted July 07, 2019 08:03:49A woman who has lived in Australia for years, a passionate and very happy photographer, has captured a beautiful image of the bush and of her family.

The photographer, who has travelled the world documenting the lives of the native people, captured the moment she arrived on the Australian border with her husband and son, aged 12 and five, in May 2019.

“It’s the perfect picture of the moment,” said Mrs Riddell.

She said it was the first time she had ever seen the border.

Mr Riddells family has lived on the Gold Coast for almost a century.

Mrs Riddolls husband, Ian, was born in the Gold Country and has lived for decades on the town of Wairarapa.

He lives on a small farm on the border, while his wife works on a cattle station and their three daughters live with their mother.

They have six dogs, but are not allowed to keep them.

When Mrs Riddle arrived on a visit to Wairaranapa in April, her husband was not happy about her arrival.

On the day of the visit, Mr Riddels family had been living on a farm off the main road, in a small community called The Woodlands.

But the family was living off the land and on the nearby beach.

Ms Riddoll, a teacher from the Goldfields School of Fine Arts in South Australia, decided to take her camera with her when she arrived in Wairaraapa.

“I was expecting to see nothing,” she said.

After she got on the boat and she was on the beach, she saw a man looking for his dog, a black Labrador.

It was a beautiful day and I thought I would take some pictures of the place, she said, and she decided to document the moment.

Her husband, who is a retired doctor, is also an avid photographer and enjoys taking photographs of the animals he loves.

At the border Mrs Riddles family, and all the other native people who live on the frontier, are asked to stay in a tent.

For the first two days of her stay in Waimakariri, the family lived off the road, using the nearby town of Aylestone for shelter.

As the border approached, they were asked to leave, but were allowed to stay.

Before she left the camp, she captured this image of herself with her dog, as she walked out of the tent.

She was not sure if she would return to Waimakiariri.

Later, her son, who lives in nearby Karratha, was asked to move into a tent in Ayleston, but he decided to stay behind in Waddo and the family stayed there.

A few days later, the Border Force told Mrs Riddler that they had moved her family to a camp in Wawnamunui, just north of Waimaruwai, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Wairaroa.

Despite this, the border was still a bit of a challenge.

However, the community at the border welcomed the family, she was asked and was able to stay for two weeks.

Since the family were allowed into Wawnariri on the third day, Mrs Ridsons son is now taking his father’s class at Wawnarao.

If you are interested in a trip to Wawnamara or Waimarau, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recommends that you visit the Department’s website.

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