‘Acharya’ Bhattacharya: ‘I am a Hindu, not a thief’

Bhattachear, a popular actor, who has played many roles in film and television, has said that he is a Hindu and does not have a problem with theft.

In an interview to NDTV, the singer said he does not even know of anyone who steals from the temple.

He said, “I am not a Hindu thief.

I am a very humble man.

When I am doing my business, I am not asking anybody for money.

I do not do that at all.”

He added, “If someone is stealing, I will not even do it.”

Earlier this month, Bhattachingarya’s nephew, Ashok, was arrested on suspicion of stealing Rs 5 crore from the Sri Aurobindo Sammelan temple.

The actor said that although he was not sure about the details of the case, he was told that he was guilty of theft.

Bhattacharies, who is in his 40s, was in his home for two days and then returned to the temple where he stayed for several hours, he said.

Ashok’s nephew Ashutosh, who was in charge of his residence and had not been arrested, was also arrested.

The accused, who did not give his name, was questioned at the temple premises, said Bhattachedarya, adding that he did not know what happened to him after he left.

“I do not know about his case,” he said when asked why he had not named his nephew.

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